About Company

When has any gift lived with us, comforted & benefited us? That happens in rare occasions.

We Er.Anitha and Dr.Vidhya have started a gift shop by the name Inbloomz  that redefines what we see as gifts. On a short tale this is are two friends have turned into partners in the mission of turning “URBAN INTO GREEN URBAN” Inbloomz

Plants are fantastic stress busters and they have the power to calm the wavering mind, after looking into the present scenario where gifts are only meant to impress and not add value to life at large, we thought that plants could do well as a worthy gift that could benefit both the giver and the receiver. 4

Inbloomz has 100+ varieties of in-house plants.” “In today’s urban areas there are lesser chances for the up and running busy world to tend for a plant. The ones in the apartments don’t have any actual open space to raise plants. The plants you find in Inbloomz are air purifiers and they have the tendency to absorb pollutants. NASA has certified some plants as potential air purifiers which all are available in Inbloomz .

The whole idea of Inbloomz began from the vision to promote a green urban society. Through the Green Urban Foundation, the duo have been taking the value of a serene and sylvan society to children and society at large

Words by Founders

“When a kid gets a normal gift, he plays with it and as time flies he throws it away and the memory goes with it. When a plant is gifted and when the kid is taught to water it, it grow with him. He gets to know the value as it develops and that forms a good habit. We will add a tag with the plants which will have all instructions about the plant so that parents can easily help their kids understand”.